In Vitro Testing Industrial Platform


Our members represent companies in the following sectors: chemicals, cosmetics, consumer products and pharmaceuticals.


To initiate the process of membership application, please send the IVTIP Secretariat a letter of intent (by email), stating that your company would like to join IVTIP and appointing a company contact person or representative.

The letter should briefly describe:

the company activities in the area of the 3Rs
your expected contribution to the IVTIP mission of replacing animal experimentation
your expectations and anticipated benefits of IVTIP membership
On receipt of the letter of intent, the IVTIP Board will review the letter, and decide upon the company's membership.

A formal acceptance or rejection (with justification) as an Associate Member will be sent to you by e-mail. Benefits of an Associate Member include unrestricted access to the IVTIP website and participation in IVTIP meetings as a member.  Each company is welcome to delegate a maximum of 3 colleagues, or affiliates, acquisitions or subsidiaries.

After one year as an Associate Member your fulfillment with IVTIP aims and key activities will be evaluated by the IVTIP Board. Formal acceptance as a Full Member will take place during the appropriate IVTIP business meeting. Benefits of being a Full Member include, in addition to the privilege of an Associate Member, the right to vote or run as candidate for Board Member or President.


There are three categories for membership fee, depending on the size and turnover of your company. Please contact the IVTIP Secretariat for more details.